December 6-7 2022 • Sheraton Otel • ANKARA
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Content Of The Summit
1st Day December 6th 2022 : Opening and Protocol Speeches

Session 1: A Common Path Session
Session Content:
Session of the manufacturers and Environment Climate Crisis Advocates. How will we manage to protect the earth while manufacturing in energy, mining and industry sectors are required to address the needs?

Discussing sustainable development in terms of environmental and social processes Assessment of the decisions changed and taken after the COP27 held in Egypt in November 2022

Session 2: Public Policies Session
Session Content:
How will Turkey manage its’ public policies during the change process in the context of environment and climate?

Which policies do we have to prepare ourselves for the environment and climate change standards that change with sustainable development?

The session will be held by the participations of the Ministers, Deputy Ministers and top level senior executives of the regarding Ministries.

Session 3: Investment Finance And Environment Session
Session Content:
Discussing the new standards in environmental, social and climate change topics to get investment finance from national and international institutions

2nd Day December 7th 2022: Main Speaker

Session 4: Role Model – Session Of Well-Behavers To The Earth
Session Content:
The session where the role models of the business world are participating which have determined their business policies through environmentalist technology investments by means of environmentalist and social studies.

Session 5: Media Session And Its’ Effects
Session Content:
Discussing the effects of the power of media and communication channels on environment and climate change in every sense and also on the cultural transformation following the energy, mining and industry manufacturing.

Session 6: Sustainability Communication And Knowledge Session
Session Content:
Starting from our main slogan “Protecting Earth is a Work of Communication.” Discussing how to establish the environment and climate change awareness by using the power of communication.

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