December 6-7 2022 • Sheraton Otel • ANKARA
About Us

To leave a better future to our children in this world we borrowed, we must prioritize the existence of the environment and the earth, protect the nature and follow climate change and environment protection policies along with production which augments human employment, reduces poverty and pioneers the global development. While doing all these, we consider communication studies; as an agent of spreading opinions and knowledge and creating development and awareness because we believe communication can save the world when done correctly and effectively.

Why We Launched This Organization?
Under the leadership of the International Environment and Communication Association, we aimed an organization which we gather all stakeholders for the purpose of changing the direction of and having a positive impact on this course of events which’s the responsibility of the whole world and. With this organization, we aim to achieve a more meaningful whole by having an impact oriented at the same target particularly at energy, on all the parts of this ecosystem interconnected to each other which are comprised of both the manufacturers, non-governmental organizations on environment and climate change that have come together for the protection of earth, academicians, policymakers and financial institutions. And with this organization we aim for a unity which we will draw the picture of our common future with a high voice and strong awareness to positively change this world’s situation which is our common problem.

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